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The foundation of midwifery care is building a relationship. Through the visits, you learn more than just what they ate for dinner or how much they weigh; you also learn who they are and who their families are.

This Etruscan ceramic fragment is over 2,600 years old, and it's quite possibly the oldest depiction of childbirth ever found in Europe. It's a marvelous sight to behold, but the person who actually discovered it hasn't even seen it.

I have this sweet family, Chris & Laura Lee Nutt; we talk about so many different topics at our visits. Last week we were talking about anthropology and archeology. Yes, at a prenatal appointment. This is why I love midwifery care. By the way, you should research experimental archeology. Pretty dang cool. As we are talking, she tells me about her brother, an archeologist, and I am wowed by it. To their surprise, they had not told me about her brother William. They both look at each other, laughing, and tell me to look him up.

Y'all!!! In the Summer of 2011, William Nutt discovered what is currently believed to be the earliest representation of childbirth in the western world. And to make this even more amazing! William is blind!!