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Prenatal care focused on the uniqueness of each individual person we serve. 

Prenatal care with Kharis Midwifery is quite different from the obstetric model of care. Your prenatal visits last up to an hour. A portion of the visit is community-standard pregnancy care: blood pressure, pulse, baby's heartbeat, urine check, measuring your growing belly, and lab tests. The rest of the visit is influenced by your gestation and individual needs.  I offer the same genetic screening, blood tests, ultrasounds, and newborn procedures as you would be offered when seeing a hospital-based care provider.

I believe in informed choice and trust that if I provide your family with the information needed to make decisions, you will choose what is right for your family. Once you are twenty-eight weeks pregnant, your visits increase to twice a month, and at thirty-six weeks, I see you weekly until your baby is born. The remainder of our time together at your visits is spent discussing your birth preferences, concerns, fears, joys, pregnancy discomforts (there is support for everything from nausea to hemorrhoids), what to expect from our care, birth supply readiness, etc. Prenatal care is provided by a primary midwife and often a midwifery student. 

What to expect at your first prenatal visit:

  • You can expect to feel heard and cared for from your very first appointment with Kharis Midwifery! Early pregnancy can feel emotional and tentative, even for the most desired and planned baby. I honor you wherever you might be on the emotional roller coaster of pregnancy. Tears of joy, anticipation, overwhelm, sadness, and whatever else you feel are welcome here!

  • Meet with me and maybe an apprentice in our welcoming office. 

  • Discuss our model of care and answer any lingering questions left over from the initial interview.

  • Distribute “How to reach your midwife” - you now have a phone number linking directly to me available 24/7 and a non-emergent way to reach me through the portal.

  • Review and discuss your health history, including your vision of care.

  • Chat about any discomforts of pregnancy, such as nausea - I will have many ideas on how to support you in feeling energetic and well during pregnancy.

  • Vital signs - weight is optional, blood pressure, pulse, etc.

  • Listening to your baby’s heartbeat if twelve weeks or beyond.

  • Measuring fundal height if mid-pregnancy or beyond.

  • Lab work as needed.

  • Discuss the gestationally relevant upcoming tests, landmark visits, and “what’s next” in prenatal care.

  • If in the first trimester, discuss genetic testing options.

  • Discussion of your supplements and nutrition.

  • Ample time for listening and getting to know you!

  • Order a release of records from other caregivers for whom you have received care during this pregnancy.

  • Schedule your next appointment.

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