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preparing for the next time


Your next prenatal appointment will be in your 28th week. 28 weeks is a turning point in pregnancy . . .

it will be the beginning of your third (and final) trimester.


I usually draw labs during your 28-week appointment. One of the labs I draw is the screening to determine if you have gestational diabetes. One hour after you ingest 50 grams of glucose, I will draw your blood.  A few days later, I’ll let you know whether we need to adjust your diet to manage your blood sugar.

I have to draw your blood 60 minutes after you drink the glucose. Please drink the glucose drink quickly - in under 10 minutes. Finish it 30 minutes before your appointment. When you arrive at the office, tell me what time you drank it so I can make sure to get the lab draw at the best time.

Another important lab we will draw is your Complete Blood Count (CBC). This lab allows me to see if you are anemic. We already drew this test during your initial prenatal appointment when you first started care. So, I will compare how your blood count looks now compared to how it looked 12 weeks ago. 

Three Balances

I am a big fan of Spinning Babies. Along with chiropractic care, daily walking, and squats, these positions are helpful to keep your ligaments loose and balanced and your pelvis well-supported. Check out the Three Balances on Spinning Babies. Here’s a YouTube video of someone demonstrating how to do them. If you need help, I can teach you how to do these at your next appointment.

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