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you're halfway there!​


The average length of pregnancy is 40 weeks. You’re halfway there! We've spent a lot of time working on nutrition in the earlier weeks of pregnancy. Keep doing all the good work with nutrition. And, now it’s time to start preparing for birth in a few other ways.


In this follow-up link, I’ll share some things you can start working on to prepare for your birth.

Childbirth Classes

Babies don’t come with instruction manuals. Birth classes are the next best thing. Attending a good childbirth class will help you learn about your labor and birth choices. You will also get to learn and practice all kinds of coping skills to learn about breathing, relaxation, positioning, massage, and other ways your partner and doula can help you.


There are some free classes in person and online. And some educators teach private one-on-one classes. You will find amazing educators on the birth classes page.

Optimal Fetal Positioning

This is a great time to start being aware of where your baby is in relation to your pelvis. Here is a great handout that explains OFP.

If you haven’t already read through the Spinning Babies website, this is a great time to acquaint yourself with their exercises and educational options.

One of the best ways to have a shorter, easier labor is to get regular chiropractic care and to do your daily squats. A good chiropractor helps get your body balanced so your baby can into position for birth. 

It is not too late to start Train for Pregnancy which is a great way to help your baby get into a great position for birth. 

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