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the honeymoon phase​


The second trimester for many women is a time when they feel a renewed sense of energy and actually feel like they enjoy being pregnant. You’re growing a human! Remember to take care of yourself in some way these next few weeks.


Here’s a recap of the things we discussed during your visit that I would like you to focus on between now and when we see each other again. Of course, you’ll continue working with the healthy diet and hydration goals we discussed last month.

  • Learning relaxation / meditation / mindfulness

  • Benefits of NORA tea

  • Choosing a chiropractor

  • The benefits of hiring a doula


Mindfulness - Meditation - Relaxation

Practicing effective relaxation strategies in labor will help you have the needed stamina, focus, and endurance to birth without medication—more people “poop out” in labor than “pain out” in labor. Exhaustion in labor is a much, much bigger challenge than physical pain. Begin learning relaxation strategies now.

Daily Practice...

  • Find 15 minutes daily to practice relaxation, meditation, or guided imagery.

  • You may use an app with guided imagery, a recording, or a video.

  • You may find it helpful to practice before bed so you can use it to get to sleep each night.


NORA+ infusion is an herbal infusion that contains nettles, oat straw, red raspberry leaf, and alfalfa (hence the name; NORA). It is full of beneficial vitamins and minerals and is highly recommended for pregnancy.


Midwives have traditionally depended on “plant-based remedies” for pregnancy challenges. This particular blend of herbs has minerals, vitamins, and amino acids. Historically, the plants in NORA infusions have been used to help support muscles, address painful joints, support kidney function, helps prevent postpartum hemorrhage, may help prevent hemorrhoids, helps your liver, tones the uterus, supports your blood pressure, and so much more.

I have a fresh blend of NORA+ infusion herbs that I've customized with a few other special herbs - lemon balm, rosehip, and rosebuds. You can purchase a bag directly from me at your next appointment. I recommend drinking at least 1 cup of the infusion daily starting at 16 weeks. I can also give you links to other places to purchase if you are interested.


Chiropractic Care

As your baby grows, your joints, bones, and ligaments adapt to the strain pregnancy puts on your body. Chiropractors are highly skilled care providers who specialize in the art and science of promoting health through adjusting joints and balancing ligaments to help increase flexibility and reduce pain. I work with some GREAT chiropractors.


Here’s a list of chiropractors in the area whom a) love and support birthing at home/birth center and b) specialize in pregnancy and newborns. Some of these chiropractors will even come out and adjust you in labor if a particular challenge or issue arises. 

Doula - An Essential Part of the Team

Doulas are trained, skilled women who support the laboring woman and her family through the challenges of labor and birth. They begin supporting the family in late pregnancy. They are an excellent resource for helping you decide how you would like birth to happen. They often teach birth classes. They help you know whether you are in labor. Once labor starts, they are an essential “second set of hands,” helping with massage, guided breathing strategies, and/or suggesting labor positions to advance labor. They will ensure you have food and drinks throughout labor and ensure the environment is conducive to a beautiful birth. After the baby is born, doulas usually help you with that first all-important breastfeeding session. And they typically provide some support and additional resources if you have challenges after birth.

I encourage all families to hire a doula. If this is your first birth, your first out-of-hospital birth, or if you are planning a Vaginal Birth After a Cesarean (VBAC), I encourage you, even more, to consider hiring a doula. They will help you feel confident and equipped for your birth. I have listed my favorite doulas on the doula page under client resources.

My favorite doulas can be found here.

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