Welcome New Clients!

Please follow the appropriate midwifery/doula link from an iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac, Windows PC. The iPad or iPhone is preferred as it allows you to review and sign the consent forms and agreements. If you are using a different device, we will take a few minutes at your next appointment to sign the consent forms. Please read them before you come. Please allow 30-45 minutes to complete the chart. Please contact me if you have any questions.


Please click the link to start your chart:​



  1. Open App

  2. Enter in my practice Name: Natural Born Midwifery Care


  4. Click the button in the upper left hand corner: Client Access

  5. This will give you a pop up window confirming you are entering into my practice and your records will be downloaded to me.

  6. Plan for about 45 minutes to fill out the client intake form.  

  7. Please fill out AND sign all the documents in the document area. 

  8. If you need more than one records release, please let me know. 

  9. If you need to pause and work on your chart later,  please go your email to find your login name and password.  This email is sent from Mobile Midwife.  -if you are having issues re-logging in, please contact me.  

If unable to open the client portal from your Mac or Windows computer please follow these steps:

  1. Close all your browsers and try the link again.

  2. Reboot computer and try the link again.

  3. Try a different browser or computer if available.

  4. Even better, if you have access to an iPad, iPhone or Android please open the link I provided from there

  5. Enable Silverlight plugin :

    • Safari - Open menu item Safari->Preferences->Security and press "Plug-in Settings...". Then check the box next to Silverlight on the left and ensure "When visiting other websites" is set to "On".

    • Firefox - Open the “Tools->Add-ons” menu. Press “Plugins” on the left and make sure the Silverlight plugin is set to “Always Active”.

    • Internet Explorer - First be sure there is nothing that says “InPrivate” at the top by the web address. If so, restart your browser. Then press the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner and choose “Manage add-ons”. Then choose “All add-ons” under the “Show:” field. Then scroll down on the right and make sure the “Microsoft Silverlight” add-on is “Enabled”.